Sport gene

The physical abilities of each individual are affected by their genetic equipment. Given that sport is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, it is advantageous to know your strengths and develop them further.

Test principle:

Alpha-actinin-3 (ACTN3) is a protein found mainly in fast glycolytic muscle fibers. The gene for this protein occurs in two variants, R and X. Variant X (or more specifically, R577X) carries information for the cell causing muscle protein α-actinin-3 deficiency. This is not a pathogenic issue as its deficiency is effectively compensated by the related protein α-actinin-2.

The α-actinin-2 protein is present predominantly in the aerobically working muscle fibers, giving the muscle greater endurance.

Research also shows that variant X of the ACTN-3 gene gives its owner a certain advantage, which is smaller muscle damage during over-exercise and also reduction of the risk of injury in sports (see figure below).

Each person has two copies of the ACTN-3 gene in their genetic equipment - one copy from the mother, the other from the father. Both variants can be combined in different ways.

Phenotype RR - Individuals with this combination of genes have the prerequisites for sprinter and strength sports.

Phenotype XX - Persons who have 2 copies of variant X in their genetic equipment have abilities for endurance sports.

Phenotype XR - Individuals carrying both variants of genes have talents for endurance and sprinter sports.