Custom research and development - cooperation

Company GEN-TREND s.r.o. has completed a number of successful cooperation projects with a number of research institutions and private companies. We continue to be interested in collaborating on research and development projects, whether as suppliers, partners or customers. We have our own team of experts in the field of molecular biology diagnostics and molecular biotechnologies, we have a lot of contacts to extern co-workers, research teams, etc. We have experience in the field of product marketing, we know how to progress from the idea to realization and how to transfer know-how. Many of our employees come from the sphere of public (and basic) research, so we know the issues of the academic environment and its funding. We have implemented many projects with public financial support.

We also have laboratory facilities fully equipped for molecular biological diagnostics, cloning, expression of recombinant proteins, fermenters for semi-industrial production of recombinant proteins, biohazard boxes for infectious work, or work with tissue cultures and many other applications.

We welcome any meaningful idea for cooperation.

We offer the use of available laboratory capacities - see menu on the left side of the menu.