About us

The company GEN-TREND s.r.o. was established in 2002 as an association of investors, economists and experts in biotechnology and molecular biology in order to build a private entity working closely with the public research sector. The merger of private and public research capacities was initiated with the aim of building a company operating on the principle of transfer of know-how from public research to private applied sphere. The result of our efforts is a prosperous company whose biotechnology products reach world-class standards.

The company GEN-TREND s.r.o. has been established since 2008 in the South Bohemian Science and Technology Park. This environment was used to establish cooperation with leading experts from Charles University, ICT Prague, University of South Bohemia, MBU ASCR and Biology Center ASCR in the development of new technological processes such as the production of biologically active molecules, or in the development of new diagnostic methods for human and veterinary medicine.

Currently, GEN-TREND operates laboratories in the ENVISAN-GEM a.s. inovative centre.

The company applies a collaborative model using the human resources of researchers from public institutions. The cooperation is based on the principles of "joint venture" with the aim of building a long-term partnership with a public research institution.

A typical joint venture requires balancing and safeguarding the interests of both parties, which is a very challenging task, as a long-term partnership will only be successful if both parties feel equal.

In spite of the initial difficulties resulting from the general distrust of academia towards business entities, a very constructive model of cooperation has been established. The great success of the personnel policy is also the interest of top doctoral graduates in working in GEN-TREND development laboratories.

The company GEN-TREND is currently using and expanding a team of highly specialized professionals, which fulfills the company's marketing goals by its activities.

Company profile within the project RKO-ERA