Objednávka odběrových sad a analýz VariOr Dento

VariOr® Gen - estimation of genetic predispositions for periodontitis

Periodontitis is inflamatory disease of gingiva and teeth attachment tissues caused by specific bacterial pathogens. Becteria responsible for the disease initiation may be detected and identified by VariOr® Dento test.  This knowledge allows a precisely targeted and controlled antimicrobial therapy.

Nevertheless, periodontitis is a multi-component disease influenced by numerous intrinsic an extrinsic factros. Some of the factors are inherited. Pronounced genetic component of periodontitis may severly influence the risk of periodontitis initiation, the course of the disease as well as the therapy outcome. Knowledge of the patient´s genetic background allows the dentist to complete the image of a particular disease case and allows him to design the best treatment plan.

Genetic predispositions to periodontitis may be tested by VariOr® Gen test. Two important loci (IL1 and HLA-DR) associated with periodontitis are tested within a single test. The analysis may be performed from samples acquired for VariOr® Dento testing or in case of preventive testing, a special VariOr® Gen sampling kit is available. VariOr® Gen sampling is done by painlessly by simple buccal swab.